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Equipment Specifications:
12” W x 17” D x 25.5” H
22” W x 19” D x 25” H
≈ 25 lbs.
≈ 35 lbs
Height under Cutter
0.7” to 4.5”
1.2” to 5.0”
Micrometer Slide Travel
2” Vert. & 2” Horz.
2” Vert. & 2” Horz.
“In-Out” Adjustment
≈ 0.75 ” Keyed Slot
≈ 0.75 ” Keyed Slot
Electrical Power
110 volts AC
110 volts AC
Air Pressure
30 - 120 psig
30 - 120 psig
Reference to use of the Model 580 Tab Feeder/Cutter manufactured by I.B.A. Inc. with Unitek™ welders does
not imply collaboration with or endorsement by Miyachi Unitek Corporation for use of their equipment with the
Model 580 Tab Feeder/Cutter.
All components fully tested during machine life cycle testing.  Tab stock was inserted for cutting
intermittently during testing to verify clean cutting, but without consuming large amounts of expensive tab stock.
Unitek™ Configuration
Tab Feeder w/ Standard
Foot Operated Feed
Optional Model 700
Non-Contact Tab Feed
Switch Accessory
Further Reduces
Repetitive Strain
Optional Air Pressure On-
Off Switch Can Control
Air Supply to Both Tab
Feeder/Cutter and Welder
Carbide Inserts
In Cutting Head
Provide Long Life
Configurations, Features and Accessories
Configuration w/
Foot Operated
Tab Feed Switch